Your Creative Marketing Resource

Our favorite saying is, "If it is marketing, we can do it". We are very proud of our outstanding customer service standards and are happy to provide client referrals to all companies interested in the services we provide. Our client base includes direct mail only, website development only, media planning only and a small group of clients that have us do it all. Regardless of your need, we would love to visit with you.


Direct Mail

We were doing direct mail before most companies even thought of it! As marketing has become more and more targeted, direct mail has become more and more important. At Marketing Plus our speciality is turn-key direct mail campaigns, taking your project from concept to the mailbox. We can also assist with any portion of a campaign: planning, design, list acquisition, list preparation, printing, and processing.

Media Planning

Today's competitive marketplace requires an advertising plan that focuses and targets the potential customers needed to achieve your company's financial objectives. It also has to retain the customers you have worked so hard to capture. The number of choices available for marketing has never been larger OR more confusing. An outside advertising expert used to be a luxury, now it is a necessity.

Web Design

There are countless web design and hosting companies. There are hundreds, even thousands of companies boasting about search engine optimization. Other companies want to specialize in social networking, blogs and other services.